Have you ever…

~ had God reveal himself to you through a friend, teacher, mother, daughter, spouse or mentor?
~ shared His blessings with others?
~ accepted His truth that you are wonderfully created in His image?
~ been sitting in a room, having a hot, calming cup of coffee mixed with an uplifting conversation, when all of a sudden the person speaking to you says something that hits you between the eyes? You then think, "Lord, it was you! You were speaking those words to me!"

Fifteen women ages 19-88 years old contributed to this book by sharing their lives. They have trusted in His purposes and shine His light through all they do and all they are. A few topics covered are Adoption, Judgment, Mothers, and Celebrating Life. There are many testimonials and lots of questions for ourselves to ponder.

Four Simple Truths of this book:

1. God is alive and well within us!
2. Women are relational!
3. He carries us through!
4. We can learn from others. We are gifts to each other.

    Every good and perfect gift comes from above.